Friday, August 25, 2006


When blogger won't allow me to upload images! I do everything they say, I use my own images, not protected ones off the internet, I clean out my cache and my cookies, I turn off my pop-up blocker, I use IE, I use .jpg's AND STILL NO FUCKING UPLOADING!! What more do I have to do?! Now the 3 people who read this blog will pissed off that there are no new posts and they'll call me a hack behind my back and will never read me again!! I'll have to use my work computer, get caught, get fired, lose my internet connection and apartment and have to live under a bridge and the last I checked THERE IS NO WIFI UNDER BRIDGES!! My dog will leave me, my hair will get greasy, I'll have to eat out of trash cans and wear garbage bags for clothing and no one will drink crap-o-copias with me! UGH!

UPDATE: I downloaded firefox and still no images :(

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