Thursday, August 17, 2006


I was at the dentist today and I saw that stupid fucking "Dr Z" car commercial (dentist has cable) and I started thinking about my pet peeves, of which I may have mentioned, I have a lot. So here you go, in no particular order and not at all a comprehensive listing:

Dr Z car commercials
really obese cats
people who dress their animals up in wigs and kerchiefs and shit. That's abuse buddy!
people who don't control their kids in public places
people who don't drink but still go out to bars
rosanna "blotto" scotto
tall women
perez hilton
paris hilton
swamp ass
AOL speak (LOL, LMAO, ttyl, kewl, you get the picture)
reality tv except for anything with excessive cursing or the british version
Friends the tv show
homeless people
getting a crotch in your face when you're sitting down on a subway
people who hog the whole fucking pole on said subway
hairy balls
monkeys who act like people
people who think sex and the city references are still relevent - let it go
pushy shot girls, i don't need your tits in my face
fake myspace pages
protesters - get a fucking job you wasters
americans in paris
lesbians that look like dudes
ironic t-shirts
dvd's with no special features
smug mac users

Ok, thats a good starter list, be sure to check back, I have more!

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