Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Seriously, tell me, why do all GAY men think that ALL men are gay?? What makes gay men so self centered that they think every single male and especially celebrities*, enjoy a spirited bout of ass-ramming? What exactly is it about the glory-hole situation that is so appealing that every gay man thinks a straight man is on the other side? How long have women been subjugating their boyfriends and husbands by not allowing them to dress in drag and ride on a parade float lisping "we're here, we're queer..."?! I really want to know, someone tell me. Because its beyond my fucking comprehension and its not just a little annoying now, when you're out and you meet a cute guy, to not only have your girlfriends tell that story about you having diahhrea on vacation, but also having to contend with the added competition of a homo who won't shut the fuck up about how he's into "breaking in newbies".

*we all have that gay friend who has a friend whose ex worked as an EA for Harvey Weinstein and caught Harvey, Lance Armstrong and Tom Cruise in a 3way and now he's getting paid off by all of them but tell me, has anyone ever met this friend of a friend's ex??

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