Monday, August 21, 2006


Why do people assume their issues are orginal and thus being so original feel the urge to share with every fucking person? I am probably the surliest friend you will have, quick to tell you that your story is boring, or you've already told me; anything to just shut you down. Why in gods name would you think that I would be interested in hearing one more fucking time how so and so is such an asshole for leaving you and then get sucked into a deconstruction of the last convo you two had over IM?!?!?! WHY? I am not without my own issues, but seriously, how many times can you obsess over the same thing and not make your own self sick to death?!?!!? Do all your friends a favor, take a week, go nuts and immerse yourself in whatever daily drama you're going through and then LET IT GO. Thank you!

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