Thursday, August 24, 2006


People who are always looking for validation. I can’t understand why these people just can’t get over it! I have a friend who needs to send me every email she sends out to get my “feedback” and she’ll IM me furiously for 20 minutes asking inane questions like “was it too bitchy?” “Do you think (receiver of email) is mad?” “Do you think I was too mean?” “Did you understand what I was trying to say?” It’s like YES, I GET IT, but now get OVER it!! Or the friend who sends like 40 fucking text messages and camera phone pics of red lights and street signs and bums and then they have the nerve to be like “did you get my texts yesterday? I texted you all day!” YES I GOT YOUR FUCKING TEXTS BUT I SHUT MY PHONE OFF AFTER THE 29TH ONE!! Then they get all whiney like: “why didn’t you text me back, blah blah bullshit....??” Seriously dude, if you want to me to respond to your texts stop being so fucking annoying and just send one! And jesus, don't you have a friend you can bother? Why harrass me all day long, I don't even like you!

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