Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Hello and thanks for stopping by! This is my inagural post so I will just explain a little bit about this blog and myself. I am a single, (early!) 30 something female with a lot of pet peeves. A LOT. A few years ago, my older brother who was happily married and starting his family was musing* about my still being single with no viable prospects on the horizon. One of his "suggestions" was that if I wasn't "so aggressive"** maybe I would find someone (not that I was even looking...). So after thinking about it for years it occurred to me that while my rage and loosely controlled ranting may or may not be my cause for singledom***, it is still there and in need of a healthy outlet since I**** tend to frown on rants at dinner at expensive restuarants, so here we***** are. These rants are not intended to insult anyone******, they are just my inner thoughts spilling out. Enjoy the rage!

*hammered after drinking for 6 hours and shouting at the top of his lungs
**such a bitch
***some men actually like bitchy women, we'll get to that another time
*****hopefully it won't be just myself reading these
******unless you are one of the people doing one of the ranted against things and if so, take note, you're pissing people off.

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bearpaw said...

The only thing better than RanTastic is picking up the clap from a drunken encounter with LaLohan at Bungalow 8 on a warm, summer's eve. Wait, that's not good at all. RanTastic is way, way better than that.