Monday, August 21, 2006


this is a rant sent to me earlier from a co-worker who is almost as surly as me. I thought I'd share it since it embodies all the qualities of this site, namely *rage*.

first "assface on parade through the office this morning." - bearpaw

then "i just rejected that shit, they didnt do anything right, i'm not fucking waiting for her to schlep her way through this and bug me every step of it with 'i dont know what i'm doing, i fucking hate this place, it sucks, this client is crazy'" - bearpaw

and finally "use it, i dont effing care. you can feel free to copy that and stick it up there, and by stick it up there i mean yr blog, not her ass"* bearpaw

Ahhh, taste the mountain grown rage....

* he really meant up her ass though, he's just too polite sometimes

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