Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Don’t you just hate it when a person can’t keep their OWN secrets?? Everyone has a friend(s) like this. They come to you all secretive-like saying shit like “please don’t tell anyone, its soooo embarrassing…” and you being a good friend don’t tell anyone* and then you find out 3 days later that your friend told all her other friends!! WTF?!?!?!?! Stop testing my loyalty because now I will fucking rat you out! The worst is when you find out that they told someone else a different story and now you have to go to all your friends and piece the real story together but then try to remember what she told you in the first place so you don’t slip up when you see her again. But then you guys get into a fight over you missing her birthday party because you were dating a guy and it was the 3rd date and he didn’t want to go to a party but you didn’t want to cancel the date because IT WAS THE THIRD DATE and you spill the beans on the real story and she gets all puffed up with self righteous anger and yells “you can’t keep a secret that’s why I lied to you” which you know isn’t true because you still haven’t told anyone about her getting the clap from that crunchy guy in college, but now you just might assume everyone knows so you blurt it out at her sisters wedding….

This could all be avoided if these friends could just keep their own fucking secrets.

*anyone THEY know


bearpaw said...

yeh, that and having to read the same blog 3 times b/c nothing new gets posted. that's what grinds *my* gears.

p&k said...

bearpaw you are getting on my last nerve. if this is your way of getting name dropped on this site its not working. I'm waaaaaaaaay too smart for that. comment section ok though.