Tuesday, August 29, 2006


What is with guys who just cannot get the message? Why do you MAKE me be mean to you?? Here's a clue to all you ignorant mouth breathers. When we meet and I leave after one drink, I'M NOT INTERESTED. When you IM me for the next four weeks to make a date and I say I have to do things like "walk my dog", "do laundry", "make some calls", "bake cookies" - I'M NOT INTERESTED! Stop asking "what about the following week?" or "maybe we can make tentative plans..." or "I could come with you to do your laundry" because I AM NOT INTERESTED!! And to the assclown who recently, trying one last ditch effort to save himself, said "I'm really good in bed" that is soooooo not sweetening the pot! In fact, it's desperate and creepy and makes me even more busy! So take my advice, its ok to shoot me an IM afterward to gauge my interest but trust me, if I am not responding or am being cold, distant, uncommunicative or anything that isn't joyful to hear from you, I'M NOT INTERESTED. Find someone else to annoy now, your job here is done.

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