Thursday, August 17, 2006


Has anyone noticed that everything is now forgivable? People are so easily able to forgive and forget that it makes me sick. Now I know the following all seem to have the same relationship theme, but isn't this the big one? If you've already been betrayed by a lover how can you ever trust them again?? When I first started out in the city, I knew a girl whom you basically could not leave with your man. She wasn't even shy about it, she would get hammered and totally proposition him in front of you. After several embarrassing encounters I finally decided enough was enough and cut her out of my life. I bumped into a mutual friend of ours last year and she was still hanging out with her, even after she had found out that the whore had slept with a guy she had been seeing. Is she so desperate for friends that she'll still hang out with a skank who slept with her guy?? Makes no sense to me, but read on dear reader, more mindboggling bullshit ahead!!

Exhibit A –

My ex-friend, we’ll call her C. is a recipient of this ridiculous obsession with forgiveness. C is married but also enjoying the added fun of having an affair with her husband’s (Z.’s) best friend (D.). She has been having this affair for a year now. Her husband knows this and does nothing, content to be a fat, lazy cuckold. D. also allows C. to walk all over him, but he’s so “in love” that he forgives all the shit she does to him. I have witnessed C. get her husband thrown in jail and then go to her boyfriend to bail him out. Now truth be told, both of these “men” are, in fact, pussies. They are both in their early 30’s, not exactly prime specimens (Z is fat and lazy and D is best described as as high strung and emotional as a menapausal woman), both had maybe one girlfriend before C. so not exactly familiar with the concept of dating and they clearly have not been clued into this thing called "self respect". They are both so afraid of being alone that they would rather have a selfish, overbearing, lousy drunk shrew treating them like shit every second of the day. Personally, I’d like to punch her in the tits.

Exhibit B

N. is a friend of C.’s and is engaged. She recently found her fiancée watching porn that consisted of one female human being and one non-human being donkey (from what I heard this was not a first time thing - a stash of similar porn was also discovered). Now, while she may resemble a farm animal (she’s kind of a pig) it’s not enough of a turn-on for M. (the fiancée). N. had an excrutiating week to tell all her friends and think of random scenarios like "does he want me to fuck a donkey?" Now, I certainly watch my fair share of porn, not donkey porn, that's gross, but whatever, guy is a freak. What pisses me off about this is that she was so appalled that he was keeping this secret from her, and that she could never trust him again, blah blah. After calling off the bridal shower and making a lot of people lose money on it, she made a decision. The wedding must go on! What a trooper.

Exhibit C

N2 is dating a lawyer. First mistake right there, lawyers are douchebags during work hours because they get paid to be, but they are douchebags for free to the women who they date. N2 is thinking things are going ok (if a little slow) until she sees his wedding announcement in the NYTimes. Two months later she runs into him (they never spoke after the announcement) and all of a sudden she’s going to Cabo with him on vacation. This girl is seriously fucking damaged.

Now me, I can forgive, but I never forget. Fuck with me once and you better sleep with one eye open. Two years ago, I caught my ex J. on an online dating site the same month that he proposed to me. I set up a sting operation to catch him (I didn’t want to accuse him if it was an old profile) and lo and behold he was snared in my e-net. I dumped him immediately and never looked back. Even though he still emails and calls me, I’ve never looked back. I recently did a google stalk on my exes and what comes up but a profile on a 3some and fetish site that he put up the month before he proposed (for some reason its dated). Seeing him on that site just reaffirmed what I always thought, “thank god I am a vengeful bitch”.

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