Tuesday, December 09, 2008


I don't get Megan Fox' appeal. To me she just looks like a skinnier Bratz doll. I think its creepy how she's always saying in interviews how she wants to be just like Angelina Jolie, and now she's starting to resemble her and how she's always talking about sex. To me it just sounds like someone who would do anything for attention from men. I don't know if its low self esteem, poor education or what, but someone needs to tell her to just be herself.


A person I work with came to me yesterday telling me about this video he just had to send me that was so hilarious, and it turned out it was a mash up of hitler speeches that made it sound like he was shilling for cell phones or something (I didn't actually watch it, I'm just going by his description), and I was like "why is this being made?". Honestly, who thinks this is funny? Hitler is responsible for one of the biggest genocides in history, and someone thinks its appropriate to make a "funny" video starring him? To me that is just disgusting and that person should be shunned, not made an "internet sensation" which I'm sure will happen any day now. It just makes me sick that there are people out there who would find that amusing or worthy to pass around. What are people thinking?! And don't try to give me the argument that satirizing it lessens the stigma, we should not be doing that. Some things should stay awful and uncomfortable, as a reminder to everyone how good they have it. This also goes for the terms rape, nigger (and any other racial slur).


Ever since I moved to SF every single person I speak to asks me how I like it and I always try to be polite and say I like and its fun and nice a good change of pace. People here tend to get offended if you dare say anything that isn't a ringing endorsement of the city. But here's my deep, dirty, dark secret. I don't care about it. I don't like it or dislike it, I'm totally ambivilent about it. I can take it or leave it. It's not that it's a bad place or anything but there's nothing spectacular about it. The weather is retarded, the people are not as friendly as you originally think, the bars close at like midnight, the gays think they own the place. It's just a place to live for a while. Maybe in another 6 months I'll think differently but right now I really don't give a shit about it. If it wasn't for my job, I'd never move here. So there, kill me if you want but that's the truth.


Has anyone seen the billboards for Israel tourism?? There is one right outside my building and I have to say it's no I heart NY! I tried to get a picture of it but my camera phone is shit and I'm like the one person in the world without a digital camera (hint hint christmas present idea!).

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Have you seen the recent pictures of Tara Reid's fucked up body on the beach the other day (if not, see above)? Am I the only one thinking that this is just too easy now? She obviously has issues but if she's ok with it why do the rest of us care? Sure it's gross to look at but I've seen worse. It's not much of a coup when the target is so pathetic.


Jenny McCarthy always irritated me, that stupid blonde act, the stupid show on MTV and then she started dating that stupid Jim Carrey. But this US Weekly article about how she cured, oh excuse me, "recovered", her son from autism really made me grit my teeth. First of all, why is this a story NOW? According to this she "recovered" him 3 years ago. Secondly, who does she think she is? The language she uses is a tad grandiose. Some direct quotes, this one to God "you fix my boy, you show me the way and I'll teach the world". Are you fucking kidding me??? She spreading God's word? I guess it in a way it makes sense, He did always take to whores (remember Mary Magdelene?). And how about this one "I'm doing it, I'm pulling him out!" about his recovery. According to this article all she did was restrict dairy and wheat and let him watch Nickelodeon. Wow, that's some miracle worker there, let's start the petition to make her a saint. And then about her son getting the MMR shot and setting the future in motion "I felt a chill. It was like I was watching destiny happen, loss of eye contact, loss of language.". Give me a BREAK! That happened all in that one second it took to give the kid a shot??

I have to say there are a lot of people out there that have kids with autism (and worse) who are not being "recovered" and to hear her crow about her victory seems a little like mud in their eye. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad her son is better, but is printing an interview like this in a gossip magazine the best way to reach people? All her statistics are disputed by the CDC, and quite frankly this quote seems to make the most sense in the whole article, "Rates (of autism) have gone up since the early 1990's, possibly due to increased diagnosis.". Even she said that her son was misdiagnosed in the beginning, so can't this be true as a more general statement and not due to the MMR shot alone? And the kicker to this whole "recovery" is that she didn't even figure this out herself, she got all her information from a website! As I said, I'm glad her son is ok, and that she's happy but seriously, enough about this "I'm showing you the way of God" crap, it's not like she cured autism the disease, she just did what any other parent would do in this situation, she cared for her kid. A lot of other mothers and fathers have done the same, why aren't we putting them up on a cover too?

Thursday, September 25, 2008


I was flipping through the channels last night and came upon "America's Got Talent". Query, why are 2/3rds of the judges on this show, English?? That kind of blew my mind (although I'm sure the 4 happy hour vodkas helped too!).

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I was just at Whole Foods and I am SO MAD! I was getting bottled water and it was on sale for 3 for $4 so I went and got a 6 pack. I get to the register and it scans it at the regular price so I tell him that it's on sale, blah blah. So then he recites this whole list of questions like he's fucking interrogating me and then gives me this speech about how you have to buy them by single bottles only and I can go get 6 loose bottles (but I can;t do that because i need the handle on the shrink wrap to carry this many bottles home, a paper bag handle is not strong enough), so I'm like "because I buy in bulk I get to pay more" and he has to the nerve to be like "yeah" and not even have the courtesy to look sheepish about this! So then the guy behind me is like "can't you just scan the bottle instead of the bar code on the outside packaging?" so being bombarded by good sense and a growing line, he goes "i'm not supposed to do this" like he's giving them to me for free or something, but of course it doesn't work and he has to call a manager. A MANAGER FOR GODS SAKE! so then she goes on about some fucking inventory reason why they can;t do it and its just like kill me already. Here I am, trying to buy some of your goods, maybe I don't understand commerce but would you rather sell the 6 pack at the sale price or would you rather not sell anything at all?? I ended up not buying them because I was so ticked off. I've seen murderers get off easier than this.

This whole experience reminded me of a story a friend of mine told me. She went there looking for fois gras and the person behind the counter was like "we only sell cruelty free items here". Why couldn't they have just said no, instead they have to push their fucking do-gooder, hippy dippy, liberal, douchebag agenda on people. Fuck you Whole Foods. I'm sick of your shit. You're a fucking supermarket so get over yourself.

Monday, August 25, 2008


I am so glad the Olympics are over, I'm so sick of the way people go on and one about them. I was at a dinner party the other night and these people are talking about how they are up until like 3 am watching this crap. Are table tennis, archery and weight lifting that exciting? What am I missing here? National pride? Oh yeah, I bet other countries are sooo jealous of our skills. I can just picture them now "oh I hate those Americans but let's give them props for their volleyball talent". Enough already.

1800 KILL ME!

These commercials are in heavy rotation here in Cali and they are sooo irritating! This woman's voice makes me long for the sweet sounds of nails on a blackboard, and seriously are people this fucking stupid that they'd rather live with rotting teeth than see a dentist??

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


I really hate it when people bring laptops into meetings. You call a meeting and someone's tapping away, obviously they aren't paying attention to whatever the moderator is saying. Why even bother to come?? I don't allow them in meetings I call, but other people do and I think they should ban them. Fucking rude!

Sunday, August 03, 2008


I was just walking back from Starbucks and this guy said to me "now you have someone to lick on.". He was talking about my dog. WTF?!

Monday, July 28, 2008


You know, I can't help get the feeling that this is all a calculated ploy to get people to see this shitty ass movie. The promoters are like "ok, someone has to take a hit for this movie, Kevin Costner won't do it, so let's give Kelsey a stroke." They would have killed him but they realized that even dead, people wouldn't see this stinker! I see a dangerous hollywood trend.
I suggest they start with reality show stars first.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


In yet another "these people are so fucking weird" post, I've never seen cabbage used so much as I have since I moved to SF. In burritos, as a side dish, in sandwiches instead of lettuce - s it's fucking everywhere! It's so fucking weird.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Have you seen this from report from the CDC ? Is it me or is the CDC working working with GW on a new plan to keep our borders protected? First its tomatoes, then jalapenos and serrano peppers and now cilantro?? This is a devious plan to scare the shit out of us and turn us against Mexicans. What's next, corn tortillas??

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Um, I just saw a woman wearing ear muffs. WTF?? EARMUFFS? IN CALIFORNIA?? These people are so fucking weird.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I really hate the voices on the first season of Family Guy. Especially Lois'. It's so nasal and condescending.

Monday, July 14, 2008


I find it odd? Ironic? Redundant?? That San Francisco, a city that in my admittedly non-scientific poll is like 200% asian has a Chinatown. And a Japantown. There'd be less asian people if you went to China!

Monday, June 30, 2008


This is most likely going to get me on a 'watch' list somewhere but I have to share my every thought with you, Dear Diary.

There have been all these wildfires raging all over California and depending on the wind you can smell them in San Francisco (where I live). The other morning I went out for a run and I guess the wind was just right because there was this heavenly scent of burning grasses and wood and my first thought was "oh how lovely" and I inhaled deeply, because it reminded me of fires we'd build as a family at our cabin and sit around and tell stories and then when I got back I was watching the news and they were saying how it was all those forest fires and then I felt bad for liking the smell because acres of land on fire is not good and all those poor animals who couldn't get to a red cross shelter fast enough are being barbequed alive, and then (this is really shameful) I went out and smelled it some more. I mean its not like it smelled a crematorium or ground zero, it was such a nice woodsy smell. Anyway if you don't hear from me, send out the guard, I've probably been kidnapped by some lunatic fringe "smokey the bear" sect.


I was watching a show a few days ago and there was this one scene where the woman was "seducing" a man and she started eating spaghetti with her fingers. Have I missed something here? Eating a saucy strand of pasta with your fingers is not sexy to me, its laziness! Do you not have a fork? There are so many other foods out there that you can eat with your fingers, strawberries, chicken nuggets, I'll even give you peanut butter! But spaghetti??? It just isn't done!

Monday, May 05, 2008


I came across this clip today, I love this movie!


I'm packing all my shit and I gotta say, I have a lot of shit. I came across an old Billy Doll, where the hell did that come from?! I have about 6 broken remotes and basically every phone I've ever owned. I found shoes that were so old they were dried out and the soles curling up. And there is like 2 feet of dust bunnies in the backs of all my closets. I hate packing, the backs of closets were meant for this stuff, I wish I could just leave all of it and set this place on fire!


You know when you come across some obscure piece of information like the Jackson 5 were all hermaphrodites and you share it with people, isn't there always that one annoying guy who is like "oh, yeah, they ALL were" like you're a fucking idiot for not knowing it. I hate that guy.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Yesterday I was walking from work to the subway and there was a whole gang of girls hanging outside this project or whatever it is and one of them says to me "you ugly". I wasn't even looking at her, she just passed me and said that. I thought that was uncalled for, she was no beauty either. I was going to say "so are you" but I was afraid she'd beat my ass and put it on youtube.


So it's official, I am moving to San Francisco! One of the divisions within my company offered me a position and I took it! I'm leaving in a few weeks so things are moving fast now! Anyway, don't fret, I'll still update from there, I'm pretty sure they have the internet in California.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Ok, I just watched the opening credits of Beauty and the Geek and truly, these guys aren't geeks they're like malformed humans. They seem to be missing some dna or genes or something and I'm pretty sure one of them is mentally retarded. Who would go on this show?? Its just sad to watch.

Monday, April 14, 2008


This is so close to the real show, it's hard to tell them apart.

Thursday, April 03, 2008


The werewolf bar-mitzvah buffet

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


I fucking hate Amazon.com, they are totally useless. They say "get it tomorrow if you order in the next 7 hours and choose next day shipping" so I do that and pay over $9 in shipping when I could get it for free and then next day, no package! So I check my order and it says "delivery estimate March 31st" and now today, no fucking package. So I just checked my account again and it says "delivery estimate April 2nd". Now I'm not fucking retarded, I know how to read the fine print, I've ordering shit online for years and I know all the shipping scams and I have just had it! I mean do they think that because they can change it anytime they want to then they are not bound to their policies? Fucking bullshit. I'm so peeved. Don't shop at Amazon ever again!

Monday, March 24, 2008



Ok, one of my employees just used the "I have bad cramps" excuse to get to work late, is it me or is that excuse a little dated? I mean you use that to get out of gym class in 8th grade, not to be an hour late to work! Just say you overslept or something, right?


How the fuck is this gossip and NOT self promotion?!?! I am so fucking over Page 6!

Just Asking Makes '30 Rock'
PAGE Six will be featured prominently in the April 10 episode of "30 Rock," the first show taped after the writers' strike ended. Network boss Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) is watching the season finale of his hit reality show, "MILF Island" - where the final two MILFs, Debra and Deborah, battle it out - and riding high on this programming feat, when he is blindsided by a blind item on Page Six. A staffer at the network's fictional "The Girlie Show" had called Donaghy a "class-A moron." Bad timing, since Jack is in the running for chairman and had high hopes that the success of "MILF Island" would help him seal the deal. In an effort to identify the disloyal employee, Donaghy forces Jonathan (Maulik Pancholy) to turn up the heat in the writers' room until one of them breaks.

Friday, March 21, 2008


Please buy this t-shirt for me!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Why does God do this? Those gross women do not deserve to win over 276 million dollars, they have no IDEA what to do with it! I on the other hand have many good ideas, such as buying a solid gold helicopter and hiring someone to make me smoothies all day. That's what you do with sudden inexplicable wealth. They'll probably do something sensible like pay off mortgages and put together college funds. UGH. And why are the winners always a group of unnattractive people from the middle of America who work in canning factories or bowling alleys. It's just not fair.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I was watching one of those movie critic shows the other day and they were interviewing Charlize Theron and all I have to say is she's lucky she's pretty. She came off as a stuttering, mumbling, bumbling buffoon. I'm not sure she actually completed a sentence through the whole interview.


I have a bit of a cold today, just stuffy and foggy headed but that makes everything like 1000x more annoying. Like our MIS guy. He's totally fucking useless on a good day (which in his world starts at 10:30 and ends at 4, with a 90 minute break for lunch in between) but today he's really going for some prize. We have to "ticket" everything that we need fixed so I sent a ticket last week to get my voicemail password reset since I can't remember mine. No one responded so I sent another update on the ticket yesterday and I saw that someone assigned it to him but still no reset. Then I sent another different ticket because my Treo hasn't been synching correctly since daylight savings time and he didn't look at that ticket either! So I see him this morning and he's like a fucking terrified chihuhua when he speaks to me, shaking and fumbling with his hat in his hands and its like MAN THE FUCK UP! Look me in the eye and tell me you're fixing my shit. That's all I want to hear, I don't give a good fuck that you got in late or you missed my ticket or that someone else was supposed to do it! Just get it done! Excuses are for pussies. And that brings to me to today's post. hulu.com. It's a great site for tv and movies (its legal which means there are ads in between the shows but still worth it). I am watching some soothing Veggie Tales movie now. They also have all 3 seasons of Arrested Development and if you haven't watched that show, you have no excuse now. There will be a quiz next week.


So our old governor was sleeping with hookers and now our new governor had an affair while he was married (can you have an affair if you're not married? Does "affair" cover it all so saying "while married" is redundant? Does it matter?). I was going to write this whole rant about how americans should take a page from other sexier countries and be less of a prude and stop caring so much about people having sex, whether it be extramarital, a threesome with your driver, NSA craigslist hookups, what have you. But then I started ranting with other people and realized that not everyone is so hung up on this as the NYPost is. So I will spare you the full rant.

Monday, March 17, 2008


Is it me or are men just naturally greedy assholes? I'm talking now in a business sense but I'm sure it can be applied to other things. Here's the deal. About a year or so ago I had this idea for a reality show. I was talking to a friend of mine and literally before I could get a whole fucking thought out this guy was trying to shake me down for percentages and shit! I mean he did say that he knew an agent who could help us but he had me roped into a verbal contract before I could even think about it, let alone agree! Then the other night I was talking to another friend about a website idea that I had and the same fucking thing! Before I could finish my whole idea he was hiring staff and wondering how to get VC funding and of course, wanting 50% of the business! I did some research over the weekend and it looks like there are already patents out there for this type of site so it's pretty much DOA now, so I emailed him this morning and "fired" him so to speak, but he hasn't responded, I just hope to fucking god he hasn't told anyone, I mean when I say he was hiring people, he was, he was talking about meetings next week and frankly these were not people I'd hire. Even though this idea might not pan out, I could use it down the road to fashion something else and if he's blabbing all over town, I can't have that! I just don't trust this guy, he sent me a text over the weekend and I asked him again to NDA himself and he stopped texting me and now I emailed him and he's not responding, I just hope he's not responding because he's already told people, it would confirm that my suspicious were right and that would be disappointing.

I guess it just hurts my feelings that the first thing men see when they talk to me are dollar signs and how to capitalize off my ideas, it'd be ok if we were business people but we're supposed to be friends. I talk to my girlfriends about stuff like this and they're like "oooh good idea" and they'll expand on the idea, they're not trying to get me to give them IPO shares and my first born!!

Friday, March 14, 2008


Ok, I know I'm going to get a lot of shit about this but this video isn't that bad. Her song still sucks smelly donkey vadge but the anime in this is pretty cool. I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume she didn't have anything to do with this since I don't see any crusty wigs, chicken bones, bad skin or Adnan. Anyway, feel free to bash me but remember, sticks and stones bitches! P&K OUT!

OK, this fucking song is growing on me!

Thursday, March 13, 2008


I know this is a few weeks old but I still like it so I'm sharing with you.


Added bonus: When Oldies Attack!





This whole Eliot Spitzer/hooker/money laundering scandal is just too much for me to bear! Ok, true confession time, I kind of have a tiny crush on him! He's just so badass and mean and that foul mouth, what a dreamboat! haha Anyway I do think he's kind of stupid to get caught up like this, I mean for a guy who spent most of his AG career breaking up these types of prostitution rings you'd think he'd be a little smarter about how he worked it.

The point of this post is that I am hearing the most ridiculous things now. Some people think he was framed which is odd that they'd really believe that considering he ADMITTED IT, is currently hammering out a plea deal and has STEPPED DOWN FROM OFFICE!! Sure, innocent, intelligent people who know how laws work would admit to a career ending hooker scandal just to save everyone the pain of having to investigate it and clear their name. Yeeeah, that makes TOTAL sense.

And the other big one I keep hearing that is that he WANTED to get caught. It was a CRY FOR HELP! Are these people for fucking real? I mean what fantasy land are they all on? Did mars open up for business? The only thing he's crying about is being caught out. If he was trying to get help he'd tell his wife and family first NOT get caught up in a sting operation and then tell everyone. COME ON!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


This is just the most ridiculous news story I've read, like, EVER! I mean who are these people making these comments?? It's fucking coffee people and it's not even good coffee, it's burnt overpriced shitty coffee. Personally, I'm shocked and appalled that people actually say these things. About coffee! And now I'm talking about it! Stop me!

Monday, February 25, 2008


All this Diablo Cody/Stuart Weitzman shit is really pissing me off. I'm not really all for corporate america, I think they take advantage of their employees and the rich keep getting richer and all that crap. But Ms. Cody, you agreed to wear these shoes, you knew they were made with real diamonds and were worth over 1 million dollars PER shoe! Even if it wasn't specifically written out for you and reiterated every fucking day into your precious little ears, did you think you'd be getting these shoes based on the fact that they liked you?! Did you not at all think that maybe this company would want to use your name and the prestige of the Oscars to promote their products? To act so naive really doesn't suit you, I would expect more street smarts from a former stripper and quite frankly you should be used to whoring yourself out - at least this time you're getting money/diamonds for it instead of cheeseburgers and condoms. I don't think for one second that she's being "indie cool" about this, I mean let's not forget the fact that she did accept the shoes in the first place, this is just her way of trying to cover up the pretty obvious fact that's she's on the path to selloutsville.


Tuesday, February 19, 2008


This video validates all my rants about TMZ that I only share verbally and when drunk


Mister Contacts is at it again, he texted me at 6:51 this morning for the work email addy of a friend of mine. Now I know he doesn't even LIKE this guy, I mean he brought him up last night and called him "gay" so WTF does he want his work addy for? I'm sure its for some "project" that he's doing that he doesn't know what he's doing so he needs help from people he barely knows or likes. Ugh. So I was like "I'll have to ask him if its ok ot give out his work info" and then he texted me back and was like "forget it, I found him on facebook". Why does this annoy me so much? Am I being totally unreasonable?

Friday, February 15, 2008


Could this bitch get anymore ridiculous??


What is happening to the gossip at Page Six?? Some "boldface" names today - Fergie, the Dutchess of Pork, a friend of Bill Clintons', some lame Jimmy Kimmel last ditch attempt to stay relevent, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Anna Paquin, Lou Reed, Bill Irwin, Renée Fleming, Patrick Stewart, Star Jones, Michael Stipe and Alicia Keys buying a BLUE HANDBAG!!! Have Army Archerd and Liz Smith taken over this column now? It's terrible! I'm so disappointed.

Monday, February 11, 2008


You know what's awesome?? When friends convince you to do stuff like put together a happy hour or throw a party and then they invite a ton of people which you then prepare for and then they decide not just to not show up, but to not tell you either. Those people are so fucking cool I wish they would die.


I have a friend who uses all my friends to network with. I find it really irritating, even if I meet someone when we're out and he sees that I get their number, he always asks me to give it to him too so he can find them on facebook or text them. I don't want to be that person that gives out everyone's contact info!! No one will want to be friends with me. And this "networking" isn't even work related, I swear he just does it to see if any of them will go out with him and if not at least he looks like he has a lot of friends on facebook. This really fucking bothers me, to the point where I am not just not responding to his requests. I know that's immature but I feel like if he wants to network so badly he should fucking get his own contacts, right?!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Friday, February 01, 2008

Monday, January 28, 2008


Sean Young getting all drunk and disorderly at the DGA is hilarious because I know that would totally be me! Read all about it here.

Why is Daniel Day Lewis all over this Heath Ledger thing, breaking down on Oprah, and then dedicating his SAG award to him? He didn't even KNOW him!! WTF, bandwagon much??

I was watching the news the other day and there was a fire in some warehouse that was huge and the teaser was "we don't have much information about the fire, but what we can say is there is a huge fire raging right now..." Are they serious? I mean we can see that its a fucking raging fire, why do we also have to be reminded of how stupid our newscasters are too?!

What is the deal with the fat guy from Lost? Its been like what, 3-4 years they've been out there? Why is he still so fat? I would think being stranded on an island would be good for the old waistline, what is he trapping and eating out there? PS, i don't know who amber is, but apparently she's having a party. woo hoo.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


i'm part of this celebrity fantasy league on fafarazzi.com and its really annoying me how everyone claims i'm the celebrity gossip queen yet i'm in 8th fucking place and everytime i go to pick up a celebrity to add to my team, someone else has beaten me to it!!! I'm like obsessed with this game and i swear the second i have to go do some work, something big happens and i miss out on the points!! ARRRGGGG it's driving me crazy! Anyway, here's my crappy team, it changes every day though.

Friday, January 25, 2008


I find it really irritating that people answer their cells phones at places like work and the doctors office and restaurants, when they have no idea who is calling them. I mean is their curiousity so great that they can't just push the call to VM?? Is their need to beloved only validated and confirmed by how many phone calls they get? Why do I (and everyone within hearing distance of you) have to be subjected to hearing you repeatedly say "hello?? Who is this? How did you get my number? I think you have the wrong number. No, its ok, I dial the wrong number all the time! Ok, you have a great day too!". ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME????

Internet Party: When Google's parents leave town...

Facebook is exactly as annoying as i imagined it to be! And how awesome "the 6th most underrated smurf is..." haha

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


It was my birthday weekend and I went out to dinner with some friends on Sat night and since they were bringing thir SOs, I invited a guy friend I know. Mainly he got the invite because he recently moved a few blocks away from the restaurant we were going to and he'd been bugging me to see his new place for the past few months and I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone.

So we go to dinner and after him making a few innappropriate comments we decide to go to a bar down the block for drinks and shit. We get there and he immediately disappears for the whole time we are there! He doesn't even say anything, he just disappears and then later we see him trying to talk to a girl. So I am like "what a rude motherfucker!" and we end up leaving at like 11:30 which he doesn't notice until midnight. Anyway, I haven't spoke to him since that, I never responded to his texts, until today. This is excruciating but I have to share!

RudeGuy: sorry about the other night.....
RudeGuy: I hope all is well!
RudeGuy went idle at 3:22:36 PM.
RudeGuy returned at 3:23:54 PM.
RudeGuy went idle at 3:34:15 PM.
RudeGuy returned at 4:05:20 PM.
NiceBlogger_P&K: rudeguy, i think the way you left us the other night was incredibly rude. I have no issues if you met up with some friends and you told us that you wanted to hang out with them, but to just leave us like that, and not say anything and be gone the whole time from the second we arrived was shocking behavior.
NiceBlogger_P&K: but i'm not your parent, the way you behave is your doing, i'm not going to chastize you. Just suffice it to say that I apologize if i inadvertentally did something to offend you, or if someone else in the party did.
NiceBlogger_P&K: other than that i can't think of any reason why a person would act like that.
RudeGuy: wow.
RudeGuy: I was at the bar the whole time, I was just hitting on someone. It started going well....that's all. It lasted longer than I thought and when I walked up front you guys were gone.
RudeGuy: That never happens...or at least to me.
RudeGuy: it was just that kind on situation. I texted you when I left and didn't mean any harm.
RudeGuy: I thought you'd be making fun of me....I wasn't that far away.
NiceBlogger_P&K: kyle, we know you were hitting on some girl, we saw you the whole time
NiceBlogger_P&K: its not the fact that you were doing that
RudeGuy: lol
NiceBlogger_P&K: its the fact that you didn't think to be courteous and tell us that you met up with a friend tha tyou wanted to chat with
NiceBlogger_P&K: you realize that it was my birthday?
RudeGuy: are you kidding?
NiceBlogger_P&K: just really rude, i don't think i want to be friends with someone that values chatting up a strange girl at a bar over a friend. and i'm not being dramatic, i think you should have said "hey, i'm chatting up a girl' and we would have understood, you could have even texted it to me, you didn't have to leave her
RudeGuy: I so didn't realize that....at all.
RudeGuy: wow.
NiceBlogger_P&K: um, when tony and juliannne came in they wished me a happy birthday
NiceBlogger_P&K: i'm just really shocked right now
RudeGuy: wow.
RudeGuy: I'm not sure what to say. I apologized and I didn't mean to be rude to you.
RudeGuy: I felt like you were having fun with the gang and I didn't leave....I just went to the back to go to the can and then blamo. It wasn't a huge deal but it was just fun at a bar.
NiceBlogger_P&K: we were there for 90 minutes
NiceBlogger_P&K: and of course i was having fun with my friends, but you didn't even stop when we got there, you just went right to the back
NiceBlogger_P&K: whatever
RudeGuy: hey.
NiceBlogger_P&K: i don't want to debate this
RudeGuy: we are not.
RudeGuy: at all.
RudeGuy: I texted you to apologize.
RudeGuy: I'm not saying it was the best thing to do and sometimes I'm not perfect. I wasn't being hurtful at all. I do feel bad that you feel bad about it.
RudeGuy: I really didn't think you'd care at all.
NiceBlogger_P&K: you're really selfish
NiceBlogger_P&K: its all about you, right?
RudeGuy: wow.
NiceBlogger_P&K: you didn't think that maybe i'd want to hang out with you?
NiceBlogger_P&K: why would i invite you?
RudeGuy: I'm sorry, Kim.
NiceBlogger_P&K: you think i invite people out on my birthday so they can leave me?
RudeGuy: hey.....
RudeGuy: to be honest sometimes when we hang out.....
RudeGuy: I wish it was more.......but I know you want to be friends.
NiceBlogger_P&K: i can't even comprehend what you're saying,
RudeGuy: ok.
NiceBlogger_P&K: you're saying tha tyou want it to be more, and to prove that you'll ditch me on my birthday to talk to a random girl?
RudeGuy: that's not it at all.
NiceBlogger_P&K: how does that make sense with you?
RudeGuy: I'm trying to explain.
RudeGuy: we've never even had this much of a conversation.....or one this honest before.
RudeGuy: I just honestly thought you were bringing me as a friend.
NiceBlogger_P&K: I WAS
NiceBlogger_P&K: you're missing the whole point
NiceBlogger_P&K: the point isn't that you were talking to a girl
RudeGuy: I'm not totally.
RudeGuy: I know.
NiceBlogger_P&K: its that you didn't tell us that you were going to be doing that
NiceBlogger_P&K: that's it
NiceBlogger_P&K: that's all i wanted to say, i'm not mad, i'm just shocked
RudeGuy: Us?
NiceBlogger_P&K: us, me and my friends
RudeGuy: I mean I should have told you.
RudeGuy: well you were the most important.
RudeGuy went idle at 5:14:11 PM.
RudeGuy returned at 5:15:20 PM.
RudeGuy: Kim....I'm not perfect. I know that. We all have our moments.
RudeGuy: I didn't just leave and I should have thought of you.
RudeGuy: are you there?

Thursday, January 10, 2008


I'm so psyched for a new 30 Rock tonight! Spooky, scary!


Is this the best song they could have picked for a presidential hopeful to be dancing to on day time television????

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


do you know if I can download as a rington? It's so effing catchy, I'm sure there is a dance mix out there already!


Ok, I know I've already ranted abut Gossip Girls but over the long shutdown from work, I've actually had to watch the Christmas episode. There were so many plot lines I couldn't keep track of everything but basically every one knows that Blair is a conniving, scheming(sp) bitch, so why does everyone want to know her? I don't get it. And then I saw the ecommercials for the new episode and its like where do these people get their writers from? It sounds like someone was reading a few too many Mario Puzo books. "Everyone keeps their mouth shut and no one gets hurt". Give me a break! How can people watch this crap??


Old people should not be allowed to use escalators. Or moving sidewalks or subways. Or anything mechanical that requires a certain amount of dexterity and swiftness to operate correctly and safely. I'm always stuck in an old person pile-up on escalators and I'm gettting really annoyed with having to smell their mothball and vegetable soup body odor!