Saturday, August 19, 2006


I was just at Time Warner to exchange my cable box and seriously, is that place the waiting room for hell, or what?! One long row of chairs for those waiting and then another line of customer service reps opposite them and a guy in a security uniform at the door who's job it is to give out numbers when people come in. To set the "Hell" mood even further there are two small children running up and down the strip of space that separates the masses from the overlords and an infant is WAILING at the top of his fucking lungs. There is also a family of 4 grown assclowns staking out all the chairs and swooping in the second one gets vacated. In a side rant, why the fuck do you need 4 GROWN ADULTS to exchange a modem?!?!?!!?!? Is your life so fucking dull, going to TWHell is a considered a group outing?

In order to keep us from flipping out, TW offers such amenities as flat screen tv's showing sports and computers with internet (also I think an effort to prove to their customers that their products actually work). I go to one of the half dozen or so computers and go to log into my email. Of course it immediately freezes once I log in, so I try to exit the program but that feature has been disabled according to the pop up that also froze on the screen. Now I'm getting annoyed because that fucking kid won't shut up and I can't find the the shut down button on the computer (turns out that was also disabled) and the computer screen is frozen on my inbox with emails that have subject lines like "Massive Cokk you ordered..." and "ci@lis will fix your problem" and they're getting closer to my number on the PA system but I don't want to leave my email inbox on a computer screen so I go to our number hander outer guy to ask him to help. Of course what I am really looking for was a lecture on how I shouldn't open my email on those computers, and he did not fail me. WTF do you offer free computers and internet if you're not supposed to check your email? Any time a person is given free internet access and an imposed waiting time they are going to do things LIKE CHECK THEIR FUCKING EMAILS! Isn't that half the reason computers were invented anyway?! Seriously, WTF!?!

Anyway after he was done condescending to me, I told him he should put up a notice that says "don't check your email on these computers" because to illustrate my point, everyone at the computers were checking their emails. Except for that one guy, who was finding out more about Oksana, the russian hottie who's been waiting for him to contact her.

ps, the new box doesn't work :(

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