Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I am so tired of all this hype surrounding the Sex and (in?) the City movie. I mean these women are all in their 40's with kids and wrinkles and varicose veins, are we to really believe men would still want to fuck them?? Although I can't believe anyone would 10 years ago, SJP is a troll and that mole on her face disgusts me, KC is just a dried up old whore, and the other two are just useless, a dyke and repressed socialite. And that leads me to todays rant. I am sick of seeing these bratty, temper-tantrum-throwing rich girls who think they are being all empowered and embracing their "inner bitch". That's not a bitch, that's just a self absorbed, selfish, self centered cunt. The difference between a bitch and brat is the ability to pull the trigger. In my day a bitch was a woman who's not afraid to get personal, who will draw blood for no reason other than she felt like it, someone who will fight dirty and hit below the belt. Let's set this record straight. Just because you can whine like a 10 year old who doesn't get her way, does not make you a bitch, it just makes you a sad, pathetic little gnat.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


You know those directors chairs that movie sets have with the name of whoever the star is (or are) for them to sit in? What do they do with those chairs after the movie is wrapped? Like does Leo DiCaprio take it home with him? Or does the studio keep it? If Leo takes it home, does he have like dozens of them? Or does he bring the same one to each movie with him? If the studio keeps it, why? On the off chance that Leo will do another movie for them and they can use it again? And where do they keep them? Is there a giant warehouse of chairs with celebrity names on them??

Omg, I just blew my mind! Maybe the chairs are the same chairs and they just change the names on them? Can they do that? I always thought the names were embrodiered but maybe they can change the names so they don't have to keep buying chairs. I have to sit down for a minute.

Monday, October 15, 2007


Don't you think Eva Mendes is kind of useless in movies? I can't remember seeing one role that she played where I thought she was good for it. She can be interchanged with almost any other bland actress. If it weren't for her tits, we wouldn't even be hearing about her.


Am I the only person who finds a woman's distended, pregnant belly disgusting?? I don't think that's sexy at all. And I don't want to see it uncovered on magazine covers and on TV. Seeing a belly that is so full that the belly button actually POPS OUT, is not a good look. It actually makes me sick to MY stomach! Please keep it covered America.
Ugh, look at that self satisfied smirk on her face, I suddenly have the urge to punch her in that baby basket of hers.

Monday, October 08, 2007


So I am meeting this friend for drinks after work the other night and she asks me to meet her where she works because she has her car there and doesn't want to have to move it and pay again for parking, so I was like "sure, just tell me what train station to get off at". She proceeds to give me cross streets instead of station names. When I tell her that on the train she is telling me to take that there are stops on Broadway, Houston AND Lafayette, she doesn't respond to me. So whatever, I just leave because she tells me she can only stick around for a little while and I didn't want to waste more time on this and figured I'd just wing it. So she texts me and tells me that she'll meet me outside the train station exit. I get there and THERE ARE 4 EXITS!!

So I'm really annoyed now because its all about her, then she drags me to like 5 bars and she still can't pick one, even after every one she mentioned I said "SURE". All of a sudden we're 4 blocks down Prince St and she still can't make up her fucking mind.

Finally we find a place and then she spends the better part of 3 drinks bitching about work even though I warned her that that job wasn't for her (and not to mention that every time i speak to her she's complaining about her job) and then talking about guys she works with. That's it. The only time conversation drifted to me was when she said she didn't like my hair the last time she saw me. Why do I put up with this? Are friends like this normal??

Friday, October 05, 2007


I have a friend who is so fucking irritating. Everything you tell him NOT to do, he does. I'll tell him "don't call my phone, text or email me" and he calls, I'll say "I'm going to get a drink, wait here" and he follows me. I say "I'll meet you there" and he shows up outside my door. Now last night I say "I can't wait to see the premiere of 30 Rock tonight" and he fucking calls me in the middle of it!!! I mean WTF. Why are people so fucking stupid??