Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Have women lost all sense?! Why the fuck would they lower themselves to date these dirtbags?? Aside from the fact that these men have money, what other reason is there to date them? And if its just the money, do you really want everyone else knowing you're a golddigging whore when you're seen in public with them?!

Brandon Davis - this oily motherfucker is such an immature tool. Watching him sweat and yell obscenties with an ever present Paris Hilton tittering in the background is worse than getting a pap smear and finding out you have herpes and AIDS. And *firecrotch*?? Let it go douchebag, watching your insecurities up close wasn't funny the first time around!

Joe Francis - here's a real ladies man. He's such a cocksman, his whole empire is based around him sexually harrassing inebriated young women. Yeah, it takes a real ladies man to get a drunk-off-her-ass coed to flash her tits and then meet him in the back of his bus. A REAL LADIES MAN.

Scott Storch - WTF?? This man is so repulsive just looking at him makes me want to take a shower in bleach. How much you wanna bet he cruises craigslist for black trannies??

John Mayer?!?! How this pasty-faced fugly assclown pulls women, I have no idea. His music is pedantic, his
comedy is infantile, and HELLO?!?! HE'S FUCKING UGLY!! He looks like a fucking Picasso.*

Please - women of the world, stop feeding these guys' self esteem and egos, by dating them! Have some respect for yourself and date that cute guy at the coffee shop and stop whoring yourself for these cocks! UGH!!

*yes I know that's a woman, but he looks like that anyway, ugh don't be so goddamn literal, its annoying!!

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