Saturday, September 30, 2006


Why do people not see themselves in these rants? I have a friend at work who I like very much but she tends to be a little melodramatic and needy and sometimes just to fuck with her and see if she knows this about herself I'll say something like "oh this girl I know is always looking for validation, it's so annoying because she'll ask me like 10 times about an email she sent or go on and on about this guy that she met who hasn't called..." and she'll go "oh I hate women like that!" and I want to shout "IT'S FUCKING YOU I'M TALKING ABOUT!!!!"

Or this other friend with whom I have recently stopped being friends with because all her life is one fucking manufactured drama after another and I just couldn't take it anymore. She will IM me every other week or so, I guess testing the waters and I usually ignore her but sometimes she IM's with a question regarding a mutual friend's wedding that we are both in the party of so I'll respond and then when she sees my response she'll try to start in on the latest drama (her never gonna happen divorce, her mother in law, her boyfriend, her never to be ex, her job, her brother, her fat friend Nikki, jesus, take your pick) and when I shut her down and say something about not having time to deal with any more drama she'll respond with "oh I know, drama is stupid" or some other equally retarded response. WTF?!?!! How does she not see that this is her?! Am I the only normal person left??

When people say "I hate bitches" I say "I'm sorry, I can't help it" because I know I am a bitch. When people say "God it's so loud in here" I say "yeah, sorry, I'm a loud talker". When people say "that girl is such a whore" I say "Hey, don't fucking judge me!". I know myself, I can see myself in these comments, why can't anyone else?!

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