Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Bisexuals. I just don't believe such a thing exists naturally (I know it exists though). If, as the gay community would have us believe, that being gay is part of a person's genetic makeup and not a personal choice, I think being bi is something that is 100% a person's choice. An extremely selfish, self centered, childish person. Don't even try to tell me a person can't help wanting to fuck the entire planet! I mean why the fuck should you be allowed to have sex and relationships with men AND women and no repercussions because you're bi?? And for the people who date them, how can you ever really fully trust them?? I mean here is a person who is basically telling you "the whole worlds' my oyster - for fucking!" How can you know they're not sleeping with your brother and your sister?! I mean give me a fucking break, do you really think we are buying into this bullshit? Like you agonize over a decision to be with men or women and just can't?? :( Poor little insecure you. Fuck you, pick a sexuality and stick with it but I'm not buying the "bi".

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