Thursday, September 28, 2006


I am working from home today since I've been sick since Monday and finally this morning I get the energy to go out and get some nice hot tea to soothe my throat and maybe a plain bagel because I haven't eaten since Tuesday afternoon. So I go to the new bagel place and I ask for 2 large green teas and 2 plain bagels, nothing on them. I get home and find he had given me 2 medium peppermint teas and 3 everything bagels. WTF?!?!? I guess the green labels on the tea bags signalled to him green tea and the bagel thing, I don't even fucking know. I mean I'm not even surprised anymore but seriously, if you can't understand basic english you really shouldn't be serving the public. Anyway I was too tired to go back so now I'm drinking tea that tastes like old mints and trying to rub all the "everything" off my bagel. Pity me. LOVE ME!!

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