Friday, September 08, 2006


So I haven't posted in a few days and I'll tell you why. I am dealing with the biggest asshole salesperson at work and he's totally turned a simple thing into a gigantic fucking mess, and has somehow gotten the CEO, GC and both VP's of Sales, involved and now I am forced to do shit like have meetings with everyone, finally culminating in a meeting with AS (Asshole Salesguy) and CEO to discuss "our issues" and now I have to spend my days leading up to that glorious event pulling all the nasty emails AS has ever sent to me as evidence that I don't have a fucking issue, that it's AS who has issues and I don't need this shit all fucking day long. Suffice it to say, I spent many many hours the past few days on calls with my boss and their boss and everyfuckingone, discussing what to do and it's taken up all my valueable blogging and drinking time! :(

Anyway after world war 3 erupted over a simple sentence in an email, and after talking to a lot of different people, the consensus is that NO ONE LIKES AS! They all want to see him fired and this includes his bosses, but they are too much of pussies to do it themselves so they are waiting for me to do the job for them. WTFF!?!? Salesguys are a dime a fucking dozen, fire the asshole. No one gets along with him, he's not bringing in sales anymore, and he's a complete fucktard. WHY is this person still employed and WHY do I need to do the dirty work for you??

UGH! I fucking hate sales. Anyway, I hope to do better on the posts.

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