Wednesday, September 20, 2006


This dickweed I used to work with IM'ed me today about his leaving (like I could give a rats ass) and then he hamfistedly brought up the fact that I could "have" him if I wanted to now, since we don't work together anymore. Is this guy fucking kidding me? His one attempt at wooing me consisted of him saying "let's go back to your hotel room" when we happened to be in the same city one week and me laughing because no grown man could possibly think that that would be an acceptable come on (esp. when both of us were totally sober) but when he corrected me and said that it WAS a come on, I was just embarrassed for him and prayed we would never speak of it again. Surprisingly, this happens to me a lot. Another example of an awkward work come on was this guy who was so fucking annoying because he was constantly trying to overcompensate for the fact that he is totally FUG and would speak to women in a condescending and patronizing tone, and say shit like "the origins of organized religion started with..." or "the true translation of the pickle is..." like anyone could give a shit - tried to kiss me in a cab one night after a work event and when I pushed him away he proceeded to tell me how as soon as he left the company he would ask me out "proper" (so I guess fucking would be ok for now though, right asshat?!) and then when I said I wasn't interested he proceeded over the next 5 minutes of the cab ride to try and align his disgusting (smelly too) beard on my face to the point I literally had to grab his face and shove it against the window of the cab! WTF?!?! Another guy that I was actually set up on a date with (he worked in another office) turned out to be the biggest douchebag EVER! The night started out with him showing up in a dirty and aged and wrinkled button down shirt, then proceeded with him disparaging the fact that I am literate enough to read books, and then followed up with him hitting on the bartender when I went to the bathroom and for the big finish, it turns out that I had been charged for all our drinks! Jesus Effing Christ!! There must some work rumor that I am some kind of pity machine for losers or something. I guess the problem is that I am just too nice. I should work on that.

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