Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Seriously I am just sick of it. I used to love dating, meeting someone you liked, getting to know them - all that jazz. Now all I meet are pathetic losers who are afraid to speak to women, or who who have no social graces or are so fucking obnoxious, NO ONE would have them! I've always relied on my instinct with men, first impressions were very important to me. But then I was getting to my late 20's and still nobody I'd really spend more than a weekend with. So I decided to change my outlook and give guys more of a chance instead of just writing them off because they are bestest with their ex or are a little too "relaxed" when it came to working. Perhaps there are hidden depths and I was being too hasty?? Well you know what, NO. Turns out there are no hidden depths to men (I know, shocker right?!) and my first instinct was right and I wasted my time with some pretty obvious losers. So now I started doing the "date everyone" tactic, and I can't recommend this either because "everyone" consists of (amongst other things); criminals, STD carriers, nerds (and not those hipster nerds, REAL nerds with pocket protectors and Star Wars collections and calls to mom every 10 fucking seconds), meatheads, swingers, exes and friends of exes, spit talkers, hypocondriacs, lawyers and other assorted douchebags and asswipes. So since I'm already pretty much single and lonely I say FUCK IT. I will not spend one more second on anyone who does not meet my stringent* set of of rules. I don't give a shit if I am single forever, I am just not doing it anymore! No more uncomfortable dates, no more awkward the next day IM'ing where you have to say things like "you're a really nice guy but there's just no chemistry" when you really want to say "how dare you make me pay half!" no more giving up that 3rd drink so you won't look like a lush, no more "I LOVE internet poker too!", no more bullshit. Fuck dating and fuck men. And no, I'm not bitter, I'm just sick of wasting my valuable time on idiots. FUCK!

*no fatties or fuckfaces

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