Wednesday, September 06, 2006


So last week we did the men and now we will do women. I will say that men who date these women probably do it because they actually like them, not for money, or celebrity status, as women are apt to do with men. Which begs the question, 'WHY??' It's a serious question, I'd really like to know what it is about these women that draws men to them, I need all help I can get!

Chloe Sevigny - I really dislike this person, it's irrational, I know, I just can't seem to find one thing to like about her which of course means why would anyone else?! From her distastrious fashion choices that are just so desperately "look at meeee!" to her choice in movie roles and attitude (if you're going to give someone, Vincent Gallo no less!, a blowjob in a movie you better be prepared to fucking talk about it!) to her questionable hygeine "My mother and my brother were so thrilled [about her cutting her hair off] because my hair had always been so greasy, and I always wore it in my face." But also, she's just really homely and bland. I don't find her attractive at all, not that she even tries! And isn't it all about impressing me?!?!

Anna Nicole Smith - jesus, could you imagine waking up to this drink and drug addled amazon every morning?! I kinda of feel like she deserved that money for being with that corpse but seriously, she is fucking frightening herself!!

Fergie - I just don't get it! She is dating one of the hottest guys out there and she's a fucking mess! Her face is busted, she pees in her pants, her music is HORRENDOUS!! CHRIST! If I have to listen to that fucking idiotic "London Bridge" song again, I am going to have to burst my own eardrums! I will grant you she's got a hot body, but is that all there is in life*?!?!
PS, isn't that band guy in that picture cute in a like an ethnic leprechaun way??

OK, well my rant kind of ran out steam because I couldn't upload any more pictures, but we'll pick this up another day because I have more.

*don't answer that

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