Wednesday, September 13, 2006


UGH, I just saw this on the Today show, Kitson the LA fashion boutique (double ugh for actually typing that) is suing UsWeekly, FOR NOT SAYING THEIR NAME ENOUGH IN THE MAGAZINE!! What the fuck world are we living in that we now sue people for not giving us enough free advertising? Who the fuck do these Kitson people think they are?? First of all, these people call the paparazzi themselves when celebrities are shopping there which causes a complete clusterfuck, which in turn causes people like Nicole Ritchie to cry so there, you're job is done, fuckers. The story is that UsWeekly is not "crediting" them enough in photo's (because the giant fucking bag that says KITSON'S weighing down the celebrity's bodyguards' arm isn't enough) Kitson's says they lose $10k a week in sales when they don't have their name mentioned. Give me a fucking break. If some judge doesn't laugh in their face and throw this out, then I don't know what the fuck has happened to our legal system. Frankly I don't know why anyone shops at fucking Kitson's, all they do is make a money out of your personal pain so why the fuck should anyone care about them?? And how long before the "Team UsWeekly" trucker cap comes out??

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