Monday, September 11, 2006


I'm really hating this whole skinny pant trend that we are currently being bombarded with. Apparently the deal is we spend 2 years proclaiming that Nicole Ritchie and Kate Bosworth et al. are TOO THIN(!) and then we start an entire seasonal trend catering to this .00001 percent of the population that can actually live and breathe while suffering from an eating disorder?!?! What about the rest of the planet that actually eats a meal?? Now we are basically being punished for being normal, while the anorexics get new fashion? That's bullshit!

And while we're at it, GAP, WTF is with the "Audrey" pant??? Highwaters with white socks and loafers are "in"?! Isn't this just the Michael Jackson look anyway?? Are we bringing back pleather jackets with multiple zippers to go with them? UGH, you know what - I fucking hate the GAP anyway. Their most recent campaign before this ridiculous Audrey one, just reminded me of my Jr. Prom with the "Under the Stars and/or Sea" theme, I mean they've seriously resorted to stealing ideas from 14 year old girls and not even original 14 yr olds either!

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