Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I really hate this girl in my office who now sits near me because we had to do an office reshuffling to accommodate more people moving in. First of all, she doesn't shut the fuck up, all day long, chatty fucking cathy, and then she INVITES people to come down and chat with her and THEN when she's not talking she's listening to that shitty Justin Timberlake album and I swear if I hear that goddamn Sexy/Back song one more fucking time, I am going to stab her with a blunt instrument!! What is it with people who think everything is about them?! This girl moves in the space where it's just my department and now we have to gossip through IM because she's so fucking nosy and gossipy, we're afraid she's going to tell people. She moved to us, she should respect OUR rules! Ugh, another issue I have with her is that she's one of those people who is always fucking happy. It's really annoying to hear her sing-songy "HIIIIII"s all day long but you know what, just the fact that she is breathing so close to me is annoying. I wish people like this would just die and leave me alone. Is that too much to ask?? IS IT?!

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