Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Why do singers have to go on stage on and act the fool? What do we care what your political leanings are, Dave Matthews Band, sing fucking Crash and shut the fuck up. Babs Striesand is the latest in this whole retarded bullshit drama, going so far to bring out a fucking Bush impersonator at her SECOND final concert, so she can humiliate him, I mean give me a fucking break already!! Who gives a shit?? And hello, 2006 called, bashing Bush is soooooo 2002. Leave the political statements to the people who actually live here and vote, we don't need some hasbeen celebrity to tell us what to think, we have the Daily Show motherfucker. So let me reiterate, this is NOT the Sonny and Cher Variety Hour, its a fucking concert, so sing the songs everyone paid waaaay too much money to hear you sing and get the fuck out my town.

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