Monday, October 16, 2006


Why do people think it's appropriate to impose themselves on other people?? I have a friend who has the worst taste in movies, I mean seriously, I watch some crappy movies (Rob Schneider comes to mind) but this person is alway recommending some shit with Tara Reid or Robin Williams and you just KNOW that the movie is going to suck without even seeing a preview but they insist that it was "so hilarious dude, fucking laughed my ass my off, you gotta see it you'll love it, I promise". And even after you tell this person that you hate the movies they are always recommending they still have to do it.

Or my friend who is always telling me to try some half assed, about to be shut down restaurant in some random place in Queens or some "amazing" new Ethopian place that's always "in that place that looks like an abandoned luggage factory but really isn't". Listen asshat, the last I checked Ethopians eat rice that we send over there in air cargos and like dingo meat, why the fuck would I want to risk my life by getting botulism poisoning to go to a place where even cabs don't go?!

Here's a tip folks. I don't like anything. Just because you feel the need to be so *trendy* it hurts, leave me the fuck out of it. I have trust issues, so the minute you start in about me liking that movie, that restaurant, your doctor, your nephew who takes shits that look like dead presidents, your friend(s), your outfit or anything else where I have not been directly involved in the decision making process, believe me it guarantees that I will hate it, so save your breath and our friendship by never recommending anything to me again.

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