Monday, October 09, 2006


I have this friend who is really starting to annoy me because all she does is bitch about not finding men to date and now she went to this wedding over the weekend and she got jealous because all the guys were so nice to their g/friends whatever so she's bummed out. So I'm like "well what do you do to meet guys" and it's always the same old thing "I never meet anyone blah, blah...". So I suggest she try an online site (she hasn't read this blog so she doesn't know how bad it sucks) and she gets all huffy and offended!! She was all like "I wouldn't like any guy who would be on an online dating site" and I was like "well sister you'd be surprised how many are, just because you don't meet them online doesn't mean they aren't." She didn't like that. Whatever, it's not my fucking problem, I just want her to stop whining already.

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