Thursday, October 19, 2006


I recently got an invitation to a wedding of a friend of friend, and I was appalled to see that it would be a cash bar. CASH BAR FOLKS!! Are you fucking kidding me? I am going to spend hundreds of dollars on your bachelorette party, bridal shower, wedding gift, dress and shoes for the wedding itself, transportation to and fro, hotel room for the night and various other expenses and you can't even buy me a fucking drink?! How tacky is this?? And what is even more galling is the fact that this couple has rented one of the most expensive wedding halls in the area!! This fat bitch who I don't even LIKE, is so pretentious and competitive, she buys Tiffany jewelry because her friend buys it, Coach handbags because another friend collects them, Jimmy Choo shoes because I wear them and now she needs to rent a hall to act like she's so "classy and trendy" but fucking makes her guests pay for their own drinks!! This is going to have the complete opposite effect than what she is going for because instead of people talking about how wonderful her reception was and how thrilled they were to be there, they are instead going to bitch about how cheap the cash bar was. Good, this tasteless cow deserves nothing better. In any event, I'm not going, I am going to save my money and send her the cheapest gift on her registries (she has 3).

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