Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Can someone please put a stop to all these celebrity adoptions?! If Britney Spears goes and adopts an African kid like she's been threatening because Madonna is her hero (her fucking HERO), I am going to flip the fuck out. I am a product of adoption and I support it 100% but come on, you can't help but think that adopting a child for celebrities is the new teacup yorkie and not just any child, a child of "color". Hello, RACIST anyone?! If you really want to help these people, why don't you adopt one of those Eastern European kids that are forced into the sex trade at age 3 and now are so fucked up, they can't function and could use your money for therapy or how about a Mexican kid, or better yet, how about one in America, what too "real" for you?? Are Africa and Asia the only continents with orphans? Or how about this, instead of taking a kid that has a father AND a grandmother Madonna, why don't you just give $1,000,000 to one of those orphanages so ALL the kids benefit. Do you have any idea how far that would go?! Or how about making a trip out there every year to teach these people to farm and evolve so they can get out of poverty? Or hey, what if you even donated money to have full time doctors out there to help with the disease that runs rampant from poor diet and irrigation?! I know people adopt children all the time and for the right reasons and I applaud that, but most celebrities do everything with a cold calculating PR person whispering in their ear. These self righteous assholes act like they are bringing the plight of these countries to everyone's notice but all they are doing is garnering publicity for themselves.

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you are sooo fucking right, man.