Thursday, October 05, 2006


I really liked "My Name is Earl" last season but seriously dudes, this season sucks so far! Each episode is more bizarre than the last and let me just tell you, bizarre doesn't always translate to funny. So far this season we have Joy stealing a fucking truck full of inventory from a Circuit City type store, Catalina worked at a strip joint but instead of stripping she jumps. Literally jumps up and down in the air. Thats her act. And of course, she's the number 1 act at that particular strip joint. And now the carnival folk. I mean come on - seriously what kind of fucked up town is this that instead of the travelling circus, its just a circus, this is where they live, all of them together?! And now it seems to be infused with a smarmy, self righteous, preachy tone at the end of each episode that frankly I don't think Earl would approve or even get. So who the fuck is writing is this, a monkey? Please someone at NBC do something about this terrible writing, you're wasting amazing talent with this storyline. It's just depressing to not laugh for a full 30 minutes.

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