Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I just received my October issue of Vanity Fair, and I have to say for a magazine that went to such great lengths to keep the cover photos (Yes Suri!) private, going so far as to post guards at the facility that prints the magazine, they certainly didn't waste any money on my issue. First of all, it was late, VERY late. The only reason I have a stupid subscription is because I get a certain sick satisfaction out of getting my issue before the rest of the sweaty masses, not 4 fucking weeks later! And the second thing was that they didn't even bother to shrink wrap it like they normally do!! So now every anthrax dusted postal worker and the slimey fucks in my building, have pawed their way through MY Suri pictures BEFORE me. Now I have to go get tested for cooties and shit because I think that girl on the 1st floor has something, I saw some prescriptions in her trash when she moved in. Fuck. Thanks for herpes, Vanity Fair.

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