Tuesday, October 10, 2006


What makes people so miserable? I was chatting* with a co-worker today about this girl who we have now dubbed "misery" and her stable of wannabe japs "company" and its just like what the fuck makes her this way?! Twice today I got caught with her in the bathroom and she's just staring into the mirror looking at herself with her makeup bag. First of all, if you're not "going to the bathroom" then get the fuck out. This is not your private bathroom for you to be staring at yourself moonily for hours on end! And then WTF is with the makeup?!?! She looks like a wet poodle on a good day, with her stringy hair and pursed up face like she's always supressing a fart. Makeup ain't helping sister! Maybe a personality lift would help?? And then we have Company who follow her around twittering and talking shit all fucking day, like lost ducklings. Jesus, get lost will ya! I hate these sour grapes people. Can't people find a happy medium between medicated happy and annoyingly cunty?! Fuck.


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