Thursday, October 12, 2006


What the fuck is with people?!?!? As soon as Cory Lidle's plane crashed into that that apartment building on the UES, the first thought that came out was "was this terrorism?" or "no word whether this was an act of terrorism" or "no link to terrorism found YET" or the best - courtesy of Wolf Blitzer "How could this happen just five years after 9/11?". Are you fucking kidding?! Give me a goddamn break, a man farts on the the train these days and its a fucking act of terrorism! Sometimes idiots are flying planes and they crash, that's it. I mean seriously, terrorists figure they would shoot down a 2 seater airplane and launch it through an UES apartment building in the middle of the morning when normal people are at work. Yes, that's giving us pause. You knock out a few hack writers and actors and POTUS takes notice and wants to negotiate. Are these *terrorists* Polish?! And what the fuck is with all the "witnesses" they have on video? Did they find the craziest people living in NYC to interview? Do they all just congregate on the UES to begin with?! All I can say is thank God we can still make fun of the gays, because if you can't laugh at a homo, then THE TERRORISTS WIN.

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