Tuesday, April 01, 2008


I fucking hate Amazon.com, they are totally useless. They say "get it tomorrow if you order in the next 7 hours and choose next day shipping" so I do that and pay over $9 in shipping when I could get it for free and then next day, no package! So I check my order and it says "delivery estimate March 31st" and now today, no fucking package. So I just checked my account again and it says "delivery estimate April 2nd". Now I'm not fucking retarded, I know how to read the fine print, I've ordering shit online for years and I know all the shipping scams and I have just had it! I mean do they think that because they can change it anytime they want to then they are not bound to their policies? Fucking bullshit. I'm so peeved. Don't shop at Amazon ever again!

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