Tuesday, December 09, 2008


A person I work with came to me yesterday telling me about this video he just had to send me that was so hilarious, and it turned out it was a mash up of hitler speeches that made it sound like he was shilling for cell phones or something (I didn't actually watch it, I'm just going by his description), and I was like "why is this being made?". Honestly, who thinks this is funny? Hitler is responsible for one of the biggest genocides in history, and someone thinks its appropriate to make a "funny" video starring him? To me that is just disgusting and that person should be shunned, not made an "internet sensation" which I'm sure will happen any day now. It just makes me sick that there are people out there who would find that amusing or worthy to pass around. What are people thinking?! And don't try to give me the argument that satirizing it lessens the stigma, we should not be doing that. Some things should stay awful and uncomfortable, as a reminder to everyone how good they have it. This also goes for the terms rape, nigger (and any other racial slur).

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