Monday, March 17, 2008


Is it me or are men just naturally greedy assholes? I'm talking now in a business sense but I'm sure it can be applied to other things. Here's the deal. About a year or so ago I had this idea for a reality show. I was talking to a friend of mine and literally before I could get a whole fucking thought out this guy was trying to shake me down for percentages and shit! I mean he did say that he knew an agent who could help us but he had me roped into a verbal contract before I could even think about it, let alone agree! Then the other night I was talking to another friend about a website idea that I had and the same fucking thing! Before I could finish my whole idea he was hiring staff and wondering how to get VC funding and of course, wanting 50% of the business! I did some research over the weekend and it looks like there are already patents out there for this type of site so it's pretty much DOA now, so I emailed him this morning and "fired" him so to speak, but he hasn't responded, I just hope to fucking god he hasn't told anyone, I mean when I say he was hiring people, he was, he was talking about meetings next week and frankly these were not people I'd hire. Even though this idea might not pan out, I could use it down the road to fashion something else and if he's blabbing all over town, I can't have that! I just don't trust this guy, he sent me a text over the weekend and I asked him again to NDA himself and he stopped texting me and now I emailed him and he's not responding, I just hope he's not responding because he's already told people, it would confirm that my suspicious were right and that would be disappointing.

I guess it just hurts my feelings that the first thing men see when they talk to me are dollar signs and how to capitalize off my ideas, it'd be ok if we were business people but we're supposed to be friends. I talk to my girlfriends about stuff like this and they're like "oooh good idea" and they'll expand on the idea, they're not trying to get me to give them IPO shares and my first born!!

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