Thursday, March 13, 2008


This whole Eliot Spitzer/hooker/money laundering scandal is just too much for me to bear! Ok, true confession time, I kind of have a tiny crush on him! He's just so badass and mean and that foul mouth, what a dreamboat! haha Anyway I do think he's kind of stupid to get caught up like this, I mean for a guy who spent most of his AG career breaking up these types of prostitution rings you'd think he'd be a little smarter about how he worked it.

The point of this post is that I am hearing the most ridiculous things now. Some people think he was framed which is odd that they'd really believe that considering he ADMITTED IT, is currently hammering out a plea deal and has STEPPED DOWN FROM OFFICE!! Sure, innocent, intelligent people who know how laws work would admit to a career ending hooker scandal just to save everyone the pain of having to investigate it and clear their name. Yeeeah, that makes TOTAL sense.

And the other big one I keep hearing that is that he WANTED to get caught. It was a CRY FOR HELP! Are these people for fucking real? I mean what fantasy land are they all on? Did mars open up for business? The only thing he's crying about is being caught out. If he was trying to get help he'd tell his wife and family first NOT get caught up in a sting operation and then tell everyone. COME ON!!

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