Monday, June 30, 2008


This is most likely going to get me on a 'watch' list somewhere but I have to share my every thought with you, Dear Diary.

There have been all these wildfires raging all over California and depending on the wind you can smell them in San Francisco (where I live). The other morning I went out for a run and I guess the wind was just right because there was this heavenly scent of burning grasses and wood and my first thought was "oh how lovely" and I inhaled deeply, because it reminded me of fires we'd build as a family at our cabin and sit around and tell stories and then when I got back I was watching the news and they were saying how it was all those forest fires and then I felt bad for liking the smell because acres of land on fire is not good and all those poor animals who couldn't get to a red cross shelter fast enough are being barbequed alive, and then (this is really shameful) I went out and smelled it some more. I mean its not like it smelled a crematorium or ground zero, it was such a nice woodsy smell. Anyway if you don't hear from me, send out the guard, I've probably been kidnapped by some lunatic fringe "smokey the bear" sect.

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