Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Yesterday I was walking from work to the subway and there was a whole gang of girls hanging outside this project or whatever it is and one of them says to me "you ugly". I wasn't even looking at her, she just passed me and said that. I thought that was uncalled for, she was no beauty either. I was going to say "so are you" but I was afraid she'd beat my ass and put it on youtube.


Olivia Lou said...

It's this whole "Gossip Girl" movement. Girls want to emulate what they see on CW...even ghetto hood rats. This movement just perpetuates my theory: everyone wants to be a bitchy little cunt. Good theory, I think.

I hate girls who are like this. Thus, I hate my high school self.
Thank goodness I changed into the sweet little woman I am today.


Well, at least I would never walk down the street calling total strangers ugly to their face. No, I have an INTERNAL DIALOGUE for that. These girls need to learn cooth.

you ugly,

p&k said...

I totally agree, today's kids are so obnoxious and full of self entitlement. They're all brats who think they should own gucci purses and prada shoes because TV tells them so and if they don't have it they should call child protective services on their parents. UGH.