Monday, January 28, 2008


Sean Young getting all drunk and disorderly at the DGA is hilarious because I know that would totally be me! Read all about it here.

Why is Daniel Day Lewis all over this Heath Ledger thing, breaking down on Oprah, and then dedicating his SAG award to him? He didn't even KNOW him!! WTF, bandwagon much??

I was watching the news the other day and there was a fire in some warehouse that was huge and the teaser was "we don't have much information about the fire, but what we can say is there is a huge fire raging right now..." Are they serious? I mean we can see that its a fucking raging fire, why do we also have to be reminded of how stupid our newscasters are too?!

What is the deal with the fat guy from Lost? Its been like what, 3-4 years they've been out there? Why is he still so fat? I would think being stranded on an island would be good for the old waistline, what is he trapping and eating out there? PS, i don't know who amber is, but apparently she's having a party. woo hoo.

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