Monday, February 25, 2008


All this Diablo Cody/Stuart Weitzman shit is really pissing me off. I'm not really all for corporate america, I think they take advantage of their employees and the rich keep getting richer and all that crap. But Ms. Cody, you agreed to wear these shoes, you knew they were made with real diamonds and were worth over 1 million dollars PER shoe! Even if it wasn't specifically written out for you and reiterated every fucking day into your precious little ears, did you think you'd be getting these shoes based on the fact that they liked you?! Did you not at all think that maybe this company would want to use your name and the prestige of the Oscars to promote their products? To act so naive really doesn't suit you, I would expect more street smarts from a former stripper and quite frankly you should be used to whoring yourself out - at least this time you're getting money/diamonds for it instead of cheeseburgers and condoms. I don't think for one second that she's being "indie cool" about this, I mean let's not forget the fact that she did accept the shoes in the first place, this is just her way of trying to cover up the pretty obvious fact that's she's on the path to selloutsville.


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Olivia Lou said...

Fact: She's a former stripper. You can take the girl out the club, but you can't take the club outta the girl.

Ya hear?

You know, I'm only sort of kidding. I'm all for sex worker's rights and all, but there is some truth to what I said. When you have been used to making money via an unconventional (for lack of a more ingenious term) job, you do what you gotta do . Hell, I totally would have ganked those ma'fucking shoes, too.

Go, Diablo, GO!
Run away with those million dollar POS shoes. They really weren't even that cute. But, hell, a million bucks looks cute no matter what.

Am I right?