Tuesday, January 15, 2008


It was my birthday weekend and I went out to dinner with some friends on Sat night and since they were bringing thir SOs, I invited a guy friend I know. Mainly he got the invite because he recently moved a few blocks away from the restaurant we were going to and he'd been bugging me to see his new place for the past few months and I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone.

So we go to dinner and after him making a few innappropriate comments we decide to go to a bar down the block for drinks and shit. We get there and he immediately disappears for the whole time we are there! He doesn't even say anything, he just disappears and then later we see him trying to talk to a girl. So I am like "what a rude motherfucker!" and we end up leaving at like 11:30 which he doesn't notice until midnight. Anyway, I haven't spoke to him since that, I never responded to his texts, until today. This is excruciating but I have to share!

RudeGuy: sorry about the other night.....
RudeGuy: I hope all is well!
RudeGuy went idle at 3:22:36 PM.
RudeGuy returned at 3:23:54 PM.
RudeGuy went idle at 3:34:15 PM.
RudeGuy returned at 4:05:20 PM.
NiceBlogger_P&K: rudeguy, i think the way you left us the other night was incredibly rude. I have no issues if you met up with some friends and you told us that you wanted to hang out with them, but to just leave us like that, and not say anything and be gone the whole time from the second we arrived was shocking behavior.
NiceBlogger_P&K: but i'm not your parent, the way you behave is your doing, i'm not going to chastize you. Just suffice it to say that I apologize if i inadvertentally did something to offend you, or if someone else in the party did.
NiceBlogger_P&K: other than that i can't think of any reason why a person would act like that.
RudeGuy: wow.
RudeGuy: I was at the bar the whole time, I was just hitting on someone. It started going well....that's all. It lasted longer than I thought and when I walked up front you guys were gone.
RudeGuy: That never happens...or at least to me.
RudeGuy: it was just that kind on situation. I texted you when I left and didn't mean any harm.
RudeGuy: I thought you'd be making fun of me....I wasn't that far away.
NiceBlogger_P&K: kyle, we know you were hitting on some girl, we saw you the whole time
NiceBlogger_P&K: its not the fact that you were doing that
RudeGuy: lol
NiceBlogger_P&K: its the fact that you didn't think to be courteous and tell us that you met up with a friend tha tyou wanted to chat with
NiceBlogger_P&K: you realize that it was my birthday?
RudeGuy: are you kidding?
NiceBlogger_P&K: just really rude, i don't think i want to be friends with someone that values chatting up a strange girl at a bar over a friend. and i'm not being dramatic, i think you should have said "hey, i'm chatting up a girl' and we would have understood, you could have even texted it to me, you didn't have to leave her
RudeGuy: I so didn't realize that....at all.
RudeGuy: wow.
NiceBlogger_P&K: um, when tony and juliannne came in they wished me a happy birthday
NiceBlogger_P&K: i'm just really shocked right now
RudeGuy: wow.
RudeGuy: I'm not sure what to say. I apologized and I didn't mean to be rude to you.
RudeGuy: I felt like you were having fun with the gang and I didn't leave....I just went to the back to go to the can and then blamo. It wasn't a huge deal but it was just fun at a bar.
NiceBlogger_P&K: we were there for 90 minutes
NiceBlogger_P&K: and of course i was having fun with my friends, but you didn't even stop when we got there, you just went right to the back
NiceBlogger_P&K: whatever
RudeGuy: hey.
NiceBlogger_P&K: i don't want to debate this
RudeGuy: we are not.
RudeGuy: at all.
RudeGuy: I texted you to apologize.
RudeGuy: I'm not saying it was the best thing to do and sometimes I'm not perfect. I wasn't being hurtful at all. I do feel bad that you feel bad about it.
RudeGuy: I really didn't think you'd care at all.
NiceBlogger_P&K: you're really selfish
NiceBlogger_P&K: its all about you, right?
RudeGuy: wow.
NiceBlogger_P&K: you didn't think that maybe i'd want to hang out with you?
NiceBlogger_P&K: why would i invite you?
RudeGuy: I'm sorry, Kim.
NiceBlogger_P&K: you think i invite people out on my birthday so they can leave me?
RudeGuy: hey.....
RudeGuy: to be honest sometimes when we hang out.....
RudeGuy: I wish it was more.......but I know you want to be friends.
NiceBlogger_P&K: i can't even comprehend what you're saying,
RudeGuy: ok.
NiceBlogger_P&K: you're saying tha tyou want it to be more, and to prove that you'll ditch me on my birthday to talk to a random girl?
RudeGuy: that's not it at all.
NiceBlogger_P&K: how does that make sense with you?
RudeGuy: I'm trying to explain.
RudeGuy: we've never even had this much of a conversation.....or one this honest before.
RudeGuy: I just honestly thought you were bringing me as a friend.
NiceBlogger_P&K: I WAS
NiceBlogger_P&K: you're missing the whole point
NiceBlogger_P&K: the point isn't that you were talking to a girl
RudeGuy: I'm not totally.
RudeGuy: I know.
NiceBlogger_P&K: its that you didn't tell us that you were going to be doing that
NiceBlogger_P&K: that's it
NiceBlogger_P&K: that's all i wanted to say, i'm not mad, i'm just shocked
RudeGuy: Us?
NiceBlogger_P&K: us, me and my friends
RudeGuy: I mean I should have told you.
RudeGuy: well you were the most important.
RudeGuy went idle at 5:14:11 PM.
RudeGuy returned at 5:15:20 PM.
RudeGuy: Kim....I'm not perfect. I know that. We all have our moments.
RudeGuy: I didn't just leave and I should have thought of you.
RudeGuy: are you there?

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Olivia Lou said...

If you didn't change his name to "rudeguy" to protect his anonymity, then I am pretty sure you knew what you were getting into. Unless he likes ska, which, still, you knew what you were getting into.

If the above is not true, then you have one rude dude on your hands. But, the good news is that he really wants you + him to = 1. hahahahaha