Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I'm flipping through the channels and since the battle I've been waging with Time Warner is still ongoing, its a grand total of 4 of them, not including several Spanish channels which I watch even though my Spanish is limited to ordering cervezas, tacos and the occasional margarita. Anyhoo, I landed on NCIS and what the hell is going on with Lauren Holly these days? She looks like a recovering cancer patient*. Her lips are so thin and her skin is so papery looking, I think its going to start tearing and that hair!! Who the hell is her hairdresser, Britney Spears?! It looks like someone hacked at it with switchblade! (btw, that picture is kind of old, the hair is much shorter now.) Wasn't she hot once??

*I'm going to feel really bad about this post if she actually is recovering from cancer, kind of like Rosie O'donell did after she ranked on Anna Nicole and then she turned up dead that day.

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