Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Is it me or are the people in Hell's Kitchen even more inept than usual?? You know you are going to be on the show, start fucking preparing for it! I mean Hell's Kitchen is the same food every season, risotto, beef wellington, spaghetti. If it was me, I'd spend as much time as possible perfecting these dishes so that Chef Ramsey isn't screaming expletives in my face on a constant basis! And Aaron. I'm sorry but that goofy fat boy had no reason to be on that show, I have no idea what their screening process is, but someone had to have noticed that he's not up for the challenge, that there was no way he'd be running a kitchen by himself, in the 3 episodes that he was in, I don't think I saw him do any work, let alone lead! Whenever he got work, he would start sweating and then pass out.

What about all the wasted food?? I mean every episode they are throwing out thousands of dollars of food and most times the people on the show are even being fed! This season is the first time that the restuarant has been closed without people being fed* and it's happened TWICE. They shut down the kitchen on the first episode and the third episode people just started walking out! How can this be? Don't these people already having kitchen experience? Don't most of them run a kitchen? I'd be fucking embarrassed if I was on this show. I've worked in kitchens before, and we wouldn't even think to shut down, the worst night we had, we'd stay as late as we had to to get out every dinner. Half your kitchen didn't show up? Tough. No meat delivery? Go to the store and get it. Run out of your entire appetizer section? Make something up. We never shut down, NEVER.

I think they need to to do a better job of getting people on the show, I know there are better chefs out there, I'm sick of the stupid rivalries, I want to see some fucking cooking! I don't want to see your ass crying all day because you can't fucking assemble a caeser salad and you got yelled at. That's fucking kid shit, I want to see you butchering a cow or making cheese from scratch. I want super reality Hell's Kitchen. And for all you people saying "oh he's so meeeeeean", grow up. I once had a chef throw a butcher knife at me. Let's see Ramsey top that.

*To my knowledge, I took a very informal poll of people who watched earlier seasons and no on can remember this happening.

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