Tuesday, June 05, 2007

TEXT MESSAGE LUNACY (Con't from previous post)

Going through my text messages as per my earlier posting, I came across these ones. Some background: I was dating this guy for a few months and we broke up about a little over a month ago over text message (its ok to break up like this if you're an asshole like me, I looked it up).

Me on Weds: hey, what are you doing this weekend, do you want to get together?

Him on Weds: not sure, might go to LI to see the fam.

Me on Weds: ok, I’m going to make plans then, have fun!

Him on Fri: hey, did you make plans for the weekend yet?

Me on Fri: I have plans for tonight and tentative plans for tomorrow. Why. What’s up?

Him on Fri: I thought we could hang out, I’m not going to LI.

Me on Fri: Well let’s hang out tomorrow then, I’ll cancel my other plans.

Me on Sat: hey it’s so nice out, do you want to go to this Chinese festival downtown?

Him on Sat: I’m buying a treadmill.

Me on Sat: um ok, so what are we doing tonight?

Him: I think I’m just going to lay low.

(Me, totally fucking fuming because WTF is this shit?!?!?! You make me cancel plans to DO NOTHING?!?! My annoyance level is at RED.)

Me: Why don’t you lay low for good? I don’t need your passive aggressive shit.

Him: Fuck you.

(ok motherfucker, you want to play that game?! Well Fuck YOU and fuck your MOTHER too!). I didn’t text that, when people respond like that, the immaturity of it wakes me up and makes me realize that “I’m so much better than you and this is why I’m dumping you”.

So three weeks go by and I get a text from him one night:

Him: Hey kiki, what’s up? Just wanted to say hi!

Me: *delete message*

Then another 2 weeks go by (and that brings us up to this past weekend) and I get:

Him: Hey kiki, how are things?

Me: (mild annoyance now, don’t you get it, I’m ignoring you?) Hey, I’m fine.

Him: Oh good, how’s work?

Me: Look, not to be presumptuous here, but if you think we are going to be friends, I just don’t see it happening. You were extremely rude to me, last we spoke.

Him: Well you’ve said things to me that have hurt my feelings in the past and I didn’t say anything.
WTF?? Is he kidding me?! What kind of man is this? How is it I attract these momma’s boys, these losers, these men that are children still?? This is a grown fucking 40 year old man texting me about his hurt feelings from months ago!! GET OVER IT, YOU FUCKING 'MO!!!

Oh and *delete message*.

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