Tuesday, June 19, 2007


You know it seems like every time I order from FreshDirect they are out of one thing on my list. And the thing is, what they are out of isn't even that big of a deal - but once I find that I can't have it - it becomes the most urgent and important dietary requirement I can think of. Once it was Abbeye de Belloc cheese, I can get that at Stinky up the block from me! And it's CHEAPER!! Another time it was organic avocados. I was so obsessed with having those fucking avocados that I actually went out and bought avocados. What happened to them you ask? I just threw them away this weekend, 4 weeks after I bought them, so rotten that the skin was barely keeping it all together. Today they are out of the blueberry scones I ordered. I DON'T EVEN EAT SCONES!!!!! They're too dry unless you put butter on them and then it needs like a pound of butter and that's too much butter to be eating all at once and I only ordered them because a friend of mine wouldn't shut up about how amazing they were and how she had a "sleepover" with a "friend" and she popped them in the oven the next morning and they were so good and her "friend" was so complimentary of them. So basically I bought them hoping to lure a man back to my place when everyone knows I'm just going to end up throwing them out in two years. I can just see it "hey, do you like butter or jam?" "Why, you ask?" "Because I want to know how you take your scone in the morning." I'm pathetic.

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