Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I turned on the tv to listen to something while I do some work and the only show that is not a reality show is some crap on the CW and when I say "crap" I mean "shit". One of the characters is played by Sharon Lawrence who was great on NYPD Blue but her character on this show is joke! She's this aging single mom with a teenage son and from the looks of it, a teenage boyfriend who is WAY too goodlooking for her, and she's a total fucking tramp! She has loud sex with him with her son in the next room, a totally ridiculous Texan accent mixed with some breathy babydoll-ness and the lines! I can't even get into them just suffice it to say I burst out laughing at several unintentionally hilarious dialogue. I can't believe shows like this get made.


Olivia Lou said...

You said Sharon Lawrence, which reminded me of Joey Lawrence, which reminded me that there is a dude that looks EXACTLY like Joey Lawrence's younger brother in my Spanish class. Actually, he SOUNDS like a Lawrence, too. The other day I did they Joey Lawrence "woah", and none of those little baby brats in the class was old enough or cool enough to remember or get my amazingly funny joke. Fuck these youngsters. I'm fed up. Kill everyone under the age of 25 because they just don't get our jokes anymore. I mean, if you're too young to remember Pee-Wee's Playhouse, and Bugs Bunny, then you do not need to live. Or, just don't talk to me or listen to me because you're so far out of my loop by now, its not worth it for you. Your brain will just end up hurting, and your feelings will get hurt. Then you'll go home and cry to your mom, because you inevitably still live with her, and then she'll end up pulling a shotgun on my ass (and if you don't know what movie THAT is from...well, fuck you...I can't handle it).


p&k said...

your anger is so inspiring! And healthy! And you're right, kids these days just don't get it. I hate them.