Thursday, July 19, 2007


This post is gonna sound weird and contradictory to my post earlier about the contest I am having on this blog, but what is the deal with commentators that comment every day on every single post like its their job??? There is a certain blog that I read almost every day and I find that the same commentators over and over again, post multiple comments on every posting, every day and they have comment wars with other commentators and the thing is, the blog updates and posts like 50 times a day!!! And now today (the last straw) a commentator bids all the other commentators adieu by writing a 3 paragraph comment!! WTF?! Who cares? All day, these people are reading and commenting and fighting amongst themselves to be the most snarky and it's kind of sad and pathetic. Ironically, if this was happening here, it would actually be cool and I would reward these commentators with fabulous prizes. But it's not, so I'm bitter and angry and I hate them and they don't deserve to have all this traffic and wait... I'm not sure if I'm angry with the commentators or the blog itself now. This rant has gone nowhere.

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