Monday, July 16, 2007


You know when you're at work and you HAVE to poop but there is someone in there and you're sitting on the bowl being polite, just waiting for them to leave and not making any noise but they know you are there and they are taking their sweet time and washing their hands and doing their makeup and looking at their ass in the mirror and shit and its like "GET THE FUCK OUT!!". What are they waiting for? I don't want to go because then you'll tell everyone you heard me (we're like 5 years old here) and what if it stinks (yes mine stinks....LIKE ROSES!). I mean they have to know that you're waiting for them to leave because its silent, but you're sitting there and maybe you cough to let them know "hey, i'm waiting to shit, can you get the fuck out?" and they still don't leave. They're torturing you. Plain and simple. I hate those people.

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