Thursday, July 19, 2007


I'm so annoyed right now by the press coverage of this "steam pipe bursting" activity in NYC, mainly because even though none of the "victims" has said it or even thought it at first, the media keeps bringing up "terrorism" and planting that in everyones heads. Of course we have the few people who were like "it was so surreal, it was like 9/11" but those people are idiots and the fact that they don't get hit by buses every day is a testament to the idea that God protects the simpleminded. But for the media to continue to press this issue, even to state "it is NOT an act of terrorism" is just fucking foolish. Not every fucking thing is terrorism. Not every blackout, burst pipe, car accident, drunken brawl, airplane delay is a fucking act of terrorism. Let's have some common fucking sense here people, don't be a fucking moron.

Oh and if I hear "spewing" on more time, someone at Fox5 is gonna pay. Dearly.

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